The DeKalb County Commission met briefly on Tuesday and adopted the 2020 holiday calendar.

Commission President Ricky Harcrow said most of the dates coincide with the state holidays; however, “some may vary a day or so.”

Harcrow also wished everyone a “very happy and safe Thanksgiving.”

District III Commissioner Chris Kuykendall reminded everyone how blessed they are to live in this country where we can give thanks on a day each year.

“Remember those that are less fortunate. Also, remember the men and women who serve our country, not just in the military, but in all forms of public service, who will be working or are away from their home this holiday,” Kuykendall said.

County Administrator Matt Sharp spoke about Lowndes County Sheriff John Williams Sr., who was killed in the line of duty this week.

He said Williams was “a real good man and well thought of in the community and throughout the state,” and his death was a tragedy.

According to Harcrow and law enforcement officials, there have been 106 officers killed this year nationwide.

He said those numbers do not include other people in safety organizations, and “we want to think about that.”

The commission also:

• heard updates from Director of DeKalb County Transportation and Council on Aging Emily McCamy on the ongoing open enrollment and updates to the Senior RX Program.

• approved Savannah Willingham to replace Brian Folsom.

• approved the minute of Oct. 22 – Nov. 12

The next commission meeting is Dec. 10.

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