Council budgets for education

Fort Payne City School students and teachers now have all of the school supplies they will need for the 2020 school year. The Fort Payne City Council on Tuesday presented FPCS Superintendent Jim Cunningham with two checks allocated for teacher and student school supplies.

Fort Payne City Council President Brian Baine said donations in the past have been for $50,000 for school supplies, but that the council was able to give an additional donation this year.

“We wanted to be able to give a donation to where our students and parents didn’t have to pay for school supplies,” Baine said.

“So we were able to do that this year. We’ve got two checks we want to present you with. One is for our regular $50,000 donation and the other is a $150,000 donation.”

Cunningham said the additional $150,000 has been used in preparing the classrooms for the students’ first day back to school.

“On behalf of approximately 3,200 students, I want to thank you for the school supplies,” Cunningham said. “We have placed that order now and we should have all of that ready in the classroom when they show up, so it should be an easy transition for the first day. Again, this means a lot.”

Cunningham said the council’s donation, in addition to the state’s recently-approved education budget has more than doubled totals from previous years.

“This $50,000 allocation, as you have donated in the past, will go to teachers, and that is around $225 dollars per classroom that they can buy classroom supplies for students also,” Cunningham said. “That along with the state just approving the education budget, it upped it to $600. So this will be $825 dollars per classroom which is better than it has ever been.

The city council also

• approved resolution 2019-25, approving the vacation of an unopened alleyway

• approved the $1000 appropriation request from Stan Blevins for the Fort Payne High School Fishing Team to help offset tournament expenses. This amount was appropriated last year

• heard updates from Fort Payne City Mayor Larry Chesser about the legislative session

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