Have you gotten the itch to cut your hair during quarantine? A Sylvania woman took that urge and put it to a good cause.

Dalancy Rae Duckett decided to donate 25 inches of her hair last week to Children With Hair Loss.

Since the numbers of COVID-19 are still rising, Duckett has chosen to remain quarantined with her two children. That meant a salon was out of the question for her, so she decided to go all the way and shave her entire head at home. Last Sunday, Duckett held a live stream video via her Facebook page where she let friends watch her during the “big chop” and encouraged those watching to donate if they could to the organization.

Children With Hair Loss is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that allows children and young adults (up to age 21) suffering from cancer and other medically-related hair loss to receive human hair replacements free of charge.

“They’re completely non profit,” she said. “They supply children with free hair replacements. That’s why I picked them, that’s why they’re special. They’ve provided more than 5,000 hair replacements and care kits since they've been opened [in 2000] and there were 608 recipients just last year.”

Duckett’s 7-year-old son, Aiden Sharrow, joined her in donating eight inches of his own hair.

When giving to CWHL, the entry form allows you to make your contribution in honor of someone who was affected by medical hair loss. Duckett and her son chose Anna Beth Dobbs.

Dobbs was a 13-year-old student at Fort Payne Middle School who lost her life to Ewing's Sarcoma in 2009. She was the daughter of Sam and Kathy Dobbs. Duckett was in the same class as Anna Beth’s brother, Daniel Dobbs, and remembers how impactful the loss was to her so many others.

“She was my first big loss and my first big opening to the “c word”,’ she said, referring to cancer. “We decided, me and Aiden both, when we were donating our hair, that we wanted to do that in her honor. It’s just important that anytime people get hit with medical issues, that they can get this and not have to worry about the cost.”

Duckett said she’s only received positive feedback since shaving her hair.

“I’ve felt nothing but love and support, just unconditional support. It was humbling for sure. A very positive experience,” she said.

Both Duckett and her son also sent a monetary donation with their hair. CWHL accepts gray and color-treated hair, and the donation must be in a clean ponytail of at least eight inches when sent in. For more information on how to make a hair or monetary donation or receive a hair replacement, visit www.childrenwithhairloss.us.

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