More local businesses are lining up to provide meals for healthcare workers.

When Laurie Carter, owner of Carter's Beverages, heard that Twin City Used Cars and Zaxbys purchased lunches for the DeKalb Regional Medical Center staff members, she thought it was a great idea.

“I know the local restaurants are struggling not being able to have indoor dining service. When I saw Bobby Ledbetter and Kelly Sanderson feeding the hospital, I realized we can help on both ends.”

Carter noticed on social media that Encore Medical Spa and Family Medicine were receiving COVID-19 tests on Monday and she knew that would be a busy day for them.

“I thought that would be a perfect day for my business, Carter's Beverages, to purchase lunch from a local restaurant and take to them to say thank you for their service.”

Carter stated that her business is still doing good despite the economic slow down.

“My business has not been affected as much as others are, so I thought this is a great way to give back to someone who is on the front line. I really hope this catches on and other businesses or individuals will do the same. There are many people to feed like police, fire departments, first responders, doctor offices and anyone who is out there continuing to work to keep our community going.”

Since the statewide ban of dine-in restaurants was implemented last week, many local restaurants are pushing their To-Go service or drive thrus.

“There are so many locally owned restaurants that need our help. This is a great way to say thank you to someone and support a local restaurant at the same time. I really hope this becomes a trend in our community.” said Carter.

Carter's Beverages purchased lunch for Encore Medical on Monday from Not Your Mamas Deli.

Jason Sherrill of Encore Medical Spa and Family Medicine stated how much they appreciated Carters Beverages for doing this.

“This is an amazing idea and we are so very grateful for it,” Sherrill said. “We plan to pay it forward and purchase lunch for another group. I hope this trends and people all over town continue to do it.”

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