Henagar pickup starts early

The city of Henagar will begin picking up residents’ garbage sooner than originally expected.

Last week, Henagar Mayor Lee Davis announced the city council had approved the purchase of two garbage trucks and 1,500 garbage cans to begin the process of the city’s own sanitation program, rather than stay in the county commission’s contract with Arrow Disposal Service, Inc.

To the city’s understanding, ADSI, who has a new three-year contract with the county, would continue their pickup until the city’s program began on Oct. 1. However, Davis took to Facebook Monday morning to inform residents that ADSI needed to come take their cans back this week.

The Times-Journal contacted Davis Monday morning concerning the post, and he said the city is working on a plan to still have garbage picked up between the time that ADSI retrieves their cans and the arrival of the city’s recently ordered cans.

“Our problem is that our cans won’t be in until the week after next,” Davis said. “We thought we had all this worked out, but they need their cans to redistribute them throughout the county.”

The mayor said there is no animosity with the company, and they are working together to have residents reimbursed. ADSI has agreed to pay a full refund to every resident in the Henagar city limits that has already paid their bill for the first quarter, he said.

“ADSI is a very reputable company, and I feel they will do a great job for those of you outside the city limits,” Davis said in a post on the city’s Facebook page. “We were just too far into our plans of our own garbage service to change when they took over the county contract.”

Davis said the next step in the process is to have residents sign up at city hall this week to receive pickup starting next week.

“Until people come sign up, we don’t know who those people are,” he said.

Davis said the city will have a rear-loading truck come next week to start picking up trash until their new trucks and cans arrive.

“We’ve got a rear-loader garbage truck coming, so if people want to set their trash by the road in bags, we will come by and pick them up,” Davis said. “We’re also going to have dumpsters at the public works building. If people want to bring their garbage up there and dump it, they can for free. If they have the old green cans, they can use those and we’ll pick it up.”

The mayor said it is imperative that residents in the city limits contact the city this week to begin the process of pickup.

“As you sign up, you will be given more information about pickup days,” he said in his post. “As I said in my original announcement of the Henagar garbage service, the best laid plans still has a few hiccups, and this is the first one. But we will get this one and any others that come along straightened out, and in the end we will have a dependable, local garbage service that everyone will be proud of. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we start this new venture for our community.”

To sign up through the city, call 256-657-6282, go online to www.cityofhenagar.com or visit city hall at 9252 Alabama Highway 40, Henagar. On the website, choose the Public Works and Sanitation link under departments and there will be an online application available.

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