Jess Goggans Band set to release new album July 31

Jess Goggans of The Jess Goggans Band is preparing to release her first new album of original material since 2015, titled “My Living Lesson.” Her band worked on it during the coronavirus shutdown.

Entertainer Jess Goggans of Mentone will release a new album of original material at the end of the month.

The Jess Goggans Band has included several different members over the years, adding the sounds necessary to do one of her tribute shows, for example, but Goggans said the new material being recorded features musicians who are all “Alabama boys.” Specifically, Chase Armstrong on drums, Issac Pike on guitar and Derrick Holcomb of Pisgah on bass guitar.

“We’ve got some really awesome tracks, and we’re going to call it ‘My Living Lesson’,” Goggans said.  “I thought about the title for a long time, figuring out the drift of all the songs. I realized they were all just songs about lessons I’d learned.”

Goggans’ act was described by Relix magazine as a singer-songwriter who “puts her entire soul into her music and every ounce of her heart into every single performance. She is noted for her sultry southern grit, soulful melodies and high-energy stage presence, and it is said that you can literally feel her voice.”

Her last album, “Reality”, was released in 2015, so “My Living Lesson” embodies much of her life experience over the past five years. They’ve been very busy, spent performing nationally.

“I’ve been playing most of these songs off the new album for a little while but haven’t had a chance to record them,” she said. “It didn’t feel right just yet.”

Goggans kept busy in late 2019 and the first part of 2020 performing live shows on the West Coast and the Carolinas. The coronavirus brought her musical travels to an abrupt halt. Unable to perform the gigs, Goggans turned her attention to writing new material. She said most of her shows now feature mostly original songs rather than all covers.

“I’ve really been fortunate to work with these guys during this whole quarantine situation. We’ve been able to write and make music together and now luckily we are hitting the studio. While we searched for recording studios, they weren’t operating due to the coronavirus shutdown. I do feel like the people I have in the studio right now are really working well together.”

She teased a special guest appearance on one track that she will release more information about soon. This musician was able to add a performance track that will be layered into the rest of the song recorded locally.

“It includes some ad libs, which is kind of cool,” she said.

She said the band members practiced social distancing while rehearsing the new songs in a big warehouse space.

“We just kind of stood far apart from each other and sent voice memos,” said Goggans.  

She said the coronavirus shutdown actually offered a pause in traveling and allowed her to spend more time with her family than she’s been able to lately.

“I wrote so many songs. It was actually nice to be off the road because you get to be home. I haven’t been home much.”

Goggans said she’ll probably release a single before the whole album on July 31.

She’s also launching a new website,

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