The Geraldine City Council on Tuesday held a workshop discussing the county’s new sanitation contract with Arrow Disposal Service.

Last month, the DeKalb County Commission voted to change garbage service companies by switching from Advance Disposal to Arrow Disposal Service. The commission agreed upon another three-year contract with the monthly price of approximately $18 per month for customers.

However, in the midst of this change, many DeKalb County cities and citizens say they didn’t know about the change until they either received a new can or bill from Arrow Disposal Service. Geraldine’s council decided to invite representatives from the City of Rainsville and a representative from Arrow Disposal Service to discuss which option would better suit its residents.

Rainsville Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt and Councilman Rickey Byrum, public works representative, attended Tuesday’s workshop to give the council details on what their garbage service would entail for the town of Geraldine.

Lingerfelt said the City of Rainsville picks up garbage in Rainsville, Fyffe, Sylvania and now Ider.

“The main thing that I look at is, whatever money we take in, we’re keeping it in the county,” he said. “We’re trying to build our county up and local towns by keeping the money local.”

Lingerfelt said the price would be the same as the county’s contract with Arrow Disposal Service.

“We’re not down here soliciting to get y’all’s service,” he said. “We just want to be good neighbors, and we want to help you if we can.”

Lingerfelt said the city uses automatic trucks with side-arm loaders to pick up the cans, front loading, 8-yard dumpsters and 20, 30 and 40-yard roll-off dumpsters.

The city also invited Chris Martin, of Arrow Disposal Service, to address the council on their concerns.

Martin said Arrow also tries to keep its money in the county by fueling its trucks and paying for maintenance work in DeKalb.

Arrow uses “old school” rear-loading trucks with a person riding on the back of the truck as well, and Martin says this is a cleaner method.

“I know the problems that you’ve had in the past with Advance Disposal and EC Waste and I completely understand if you’re “gun shy”,” Martin said.

Martin said there has been some confusion expressed from residents of DeKalb County about why they have received a bill already. Arrow received a list of 8,700 people from Advance Disposal and they are working through this list and garbage should be picked up by Friday, he said.

The council discussed both options but did not make any formal motions. Mayor Chuck Ables said the city will research how they need to bid out or go about signing a new contract with either company before making a decision, but that some form of action is expected at the next council meeting on Monday, July 8.

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Chet Folger

As the city grows and expands, sanitation problem in the city increases. Geraldine is currently a small city but it is good that issues of sanitation are being taken very seriously. People of Geraldine who get aussie essay are very happy with the sanitation arrangements.

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