Local band Still KickiN is set to take the Main Stage at 3 p.m. on Sept. 21 at this year’s Fort Payne Boom Days Heritage Celebration.

Probate Judge and band member Ronnie Osborn said the band members would like to dedicate their performance at Boom Days to the memory of their former band member, Stacey Rivera Morgan.

Osborn said Still KickiN originated in Collinsville with four members and “evolved from there.”

Their style of music includes country rock, southern rock, oldies, classic country, motown and rock and roll.

The band members include Osborn on vocals and bass, Larry Burke as lead singer, Ronnie Ross on drums and vocals, Heath Osborn on vocals and rhythm, Larry Barton on pedal steel and Tony Morgan on keys and vocals.

“Tony is from Crossville, Larry lives in Fort Payne, and the rest of us are from around Collinsville,” Osborn said.

Osborn said the band has been together for 17 years, although they have been through a couple of piano players, he said.

Osborn said the lead is shared by Heath Osborn, Tony Morgan and himself for their shows.

“We all three sing, I just get caught doing all the talking,” he said.

Osborn said the band would play some newer songs at the upcoming performance at Boom Days.

“We’ll kind of blend with the southern rock style the others are playing and hold the crowd,” he said.

Osborn said he has been looking forward to Boom Days and having Chevalier Productions work the sound for the event.

“It is just unreal to be able to play on the stage with the confidence that somebody is running the sound system and the production keeping things lined up,” he said. “To have that quality of a sound, with somebody like them, you don’t even have to do a sound check, you just walk out there, and they know,” said Osborn.

Osborn said he is also looking forward to hearing Rick Dobbs and Wildwood perform.

According to Osborn, he did sound and lights for them back in the ‘80s.

“We’ve all played together during our lives, it will be a pretty good reunion day,” he said.

Osborn said Tony Morgan, their current piano player, played with Wildwood and will play with them after Still KickiN performs.

He said the band has a “good following” and they appreciate the people.

“You can go all the way to Birmingham and lookout in the crowd and see some of the same faces,” he said.

This local band is no stranger to Boom Days. Osborn said they have performed at Boom Days in previous years.

Still KickiN plays for a variety of events including private parties, community events, company events, class reunions and wedding receptions.

“We play from Chattanooga to Montgomery to Birmingham to Huntsville,” Osborn said.

Osborn said the band stays in the era of the ’80s, ‘90s and ‘00s music, including “old country and modern country.”

“It’s just really whatever the crowd wants to hear. You’ve got to read the crowd,” he said.

Along with the multitude of events and functions they performer at, Osborn said they play for the Senior Citizens Prom every year in Fort Payne.

“To play for them and have 150 people on the dance floor for every song, you got to play what they want to hear and what they’re used to dancing to,” Osborn said.

Their most recent show was at Chestnut Station in Gadsden.

“We played Saturday night at Chestnut Station for a pretty young crowd,” he said. “We had to stay with the modern [music].”

Still KickiN has played at local events including Fyffe’s UFO Days, Rainsville’s Freedom Fest, Valley Head’s Memories of Mayberry Festival, Fort Payne’s Third Saturday Sunset Cruise-in and a variety of community benefits and shows.

Still KickiN was also the recipient of the 2019 Times-Journal Best of DeKalb certificate voted by the readers as the “Best Local Band.”

For upcoming events follow the band on Facebook @StillKickiN.

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