The DeKalb County Commission announced Tuesday that county residents will see a change in their garbage disposal service. Commission President Pro-Tem Chris Kuykendall said the commission negotiated and worked with a number of garbage disposal companies to come up with the best bid possible for those who already, or plan on participating in the county garbage disposal services.

“The company that we selected was Arrow Disposal, to participate in this program ending in 2009” Kuykendall said. “We realized early on that the bids from all sources would be more than they were six years ago.”

Kuykendall said the terms of the bid of the program is that the initial bid is accepted for a three-year time period. He said that is along with the option to renew that bid for another three-year time period.

“So basically these rates, and whoever has the program at the time, has a locked-in rate for up to six years,” he said. “$18 dollars and 35-some-odd-cents was the bid that we selected.

“In our determination, it was not necessarily the lest expensive. But we felt it was the best value because it provided all new cans for everyone who was on the program.”

Kuykendall said the new program also offers new garbage trucks as well as the benefit of having more than one person on each route.

“Each truck will have a driver and someone picking up garbage at the rear,” he said.

“We felt that would provide better service and continuity because if the driver was out sick, then the man on the back would know the route. This way, they could put a driver in and the rider could tell him the route and that would cut back on the down time.”

Kuykendall said the feature of having two men per garbage truck would eliminate some of the problems experienced in the past.

“We chose Arrow Disposal and we believe, in the long run, that you will find that it was the right decision,” he said. “That does not mean that there will not be some problems, especially in the first 30 to 60 days with making sure everyone gets their can and gets them in the proper place.”

Kuykendall said the last garbage pick up with Advance Disposal, which is the company that has the contract now, will be this week.

“The new garbage provider, which is Arrow, will begin their operation the first of July,” Kuykendall said. “Most people should have already received their cans by then and the day of the week that the garbage is to be picked up is still the same.”

Kuykendall said there is still time to sign up for the Arrow Disposal garbage program.

“For those who have not signed up for this service and still wish to do so, on June 29, which is a Saturday, Arrow will be present at the Rainsville Coliseum to sign people up from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.,” he said. “If you have the capability, you can pick the can up yourself that day. If you do not, I am sure that they can bring it to your premises as soon as possible.”

Kuykendall also said there are options for people who decide to participate in the garbage disposal service after July 1.

“Those who wish to get into the program later on, there will be local assistance available and local telephone numbers available for you to get in touch with someone for assistance,” he said. “Also, our highly- trained waste management personnel will surely assist you in resolving your problems as they have done so in the past. That is one of those jobs that is always necessary.”

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This is not a good deal! Cost is more, and the can is smaller. We did not have a choice in this decision.


I received my new bin and its smaller! What was the Council thinking?! Did you even check their reviews? The cost is higher for 1 trash bin. How is a family suppose to use 1 bin?! Perhaps someone on the Council should take a class in Negotiations 101. New bins...LOL is the upside?! its trash people. Most of us wash ours!

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