Ken Mayo announces candidacy for Fort Payne City Council

Pictured is Ken Mayo with his wife, Deanna.

Ken Mayo has announced his candidacy for the Fort Payne City Council.

“My name is Ken Mayo. My wife of 37 years, Deanna, and I own Auto Chem LLC of Alabama (Auto Appearance Restoration Supplies), off Airport Road. I’m a candidate for the Fort Payne City Council and I would appreciate your vote on August 25.

“My wife and I moved here to Fort Payne 30 years ago and started a family business. Our city has always been friendly towards small businesses and I want to continue this tradition. I feel my experience in running a longtime business, managing people, making payroll, keeping expenses at a reasonable level, qualifies me to serve our city.

Mayo said it pains him when he reads other candidates complaining and criticizing our downtown area. “Yes, improvements are needed, but what some people forget, is that majority of these businesses are family owned and operated, facing unique challenges, perhaps struggling to survive just like many of us are. You can’t just make a building owner do improvements. Most likely, they don’t have the capital or resources to fund these improvements.

“I say, ‘don’t be a complainer, anyone can do that; be a part of the solution to make it better’. That’s the reason I became involved with Fort Payne Main Street in 2015, first as a volunteer, and now, as a member of its board of directors.

“Our purpose is to assist current downtown business owners, recruit new businesses to downtown, and enhance our downtown’s appearance. Like all non-profits, it’s a challenge to raise funds and things don’t happen overnight. It takes organization and time. We are making progress. To date, and through the efforts of many, since the inception of Fort Payne Main Street, there has been over $2 million dollars in private investment downtown.”

Mayo also drives a school bus for Fort Payne City Schools.

“When I saw a sign at the local McDonald’s, hiring night closers for 14.50 per hour, I was curious how that compared to the starting pay for a police officer was. To my shock, I learned that our local police start at $12.50 per hour and these men and women work nights, weekends and holidays! They need to be justly compensated!

He and his wife raised their son here.

“He attended kindergarten through high school in our community and he and his wife now live here. We have also been foster parents to several children. In fact, most of my family now lives in Fort Payne, this is our home. I truly love this city and have no plans on leaving.

“Again, I ask for your vote on August 25, and I promise that if elected, to serve on the Fort Payne City Council, I will be your voice for reason, safety and progress.”

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