Engineer gives update on Old Highway 35

The DeKalb County Commission met last week and heard an update on County Road 835, also known as Old Highway 35.

The DeKalb County Commission met last week and heard an update on County Road 835, also known as Old Highway 35.

Flooding caused the roadway to deteriorate last February. County Engineer Ben Luther addressed the commission Tuesday with the process of receiving federal aid to fix the road.

“We had to close it and that same day the governor signed an emergency proclamation,” Luther said.

Luther said there’s a detailed report and process they have to provide the state before funding is received.

He provided the commission with an outlined timeline of his process over the last year. Most recently, Luther sent detailed plans for repairs to the Alabama Department of Transportation on Jan. 6 and is awaiting approval.

“They have all the information that has been requested,” he said. “Typically the environment [testing]] process is something that takes time. It doesn’t happen very quickly.”

Luther reminded the commission and the public that the county has to await authorization from the state before they can begin repairing the roadway or they will not be eligible for reimbursement.

The county hopes to begin work on County Road 835 this spring.

The commission also:

  • approved to hire Lamar Weathers and Don Harcrow to the road department.
  • one application for the FY 2020 HRRR Funding agreement was approved which will provide funding for County Road 89 and will help to replace various safety signs near DeSoto State Park. The county will receive $42,417.85 and the agreement is a 90/10 match.
  • awarded the Boom Mower Bid to Chambers American Products, Inc. for $154,500.
  • approved to forward the following damage claim to the county insurance: At the end of November, Susan Heat reported damage to the rear suspension of her Mercedes truck on County Road 625. Repairs estimated $1,000.
  • approved the Revenue Commission’s request for aerial photography of the county. It is conducted every three years.
  • awarded the county’s IT server bid to Dell Technologies for $257,858.22 for an all inclusive, 36-month term.
  • approved the following personnel changes at the sheriff’s office: the resignation of Jordan McGinnis from corrections sergeant, hire Jordan McGinnis as part-time deputy to replace Lonny Harrell, promote John Brown to corrections sergeant and Brandon Poe in corrections.
  • approved school resource officers training for Jan. 20-23 in Prattville.
  • appointed Billy Black, of Flat Rock, to the DeKalb-Jackson Water Authority Board.
  • approved to hold the annual Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday on Feb. 21-23.
  • approved the Liability Insurance Resolution that is renewed every three years.

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