The 2019 Boom Days Heritage Festival poster created by local artist Lydia Randolph has made its debut.

The first Boom Days poster was featured in 2010 with a depiction of old downtown Fort Payne along with local members of the community. Randolph said this year’s poster is not of buildings like previous years.

“It’s the very first one we’ve had of a landscape and not a historic building,” she said.

Randolph said the fall, in conjunction with the Fort Payne Mainstreet, theme was a source of inspiration for this year's poster.

“We have floating socks, scenery and [musical artists] featuring Jess Goggans and Wildwood,” she said.

Along with the scenery and musicians, the poster also features Hannah Martin swinging from a vine. Martin passed away suddenly in 2007 at 9 years old from a brain aneurysm, and her family and the city came together to host the Haulin’ for Hannah 5K at Boom Days every year up until the year she would have graduated high school. Now, the Fort Payne Three Arts Club hosts the race each year and raises money for local scholarships.

Randolph said Martin ends up in the poster every year.

“We did her one year, and I just felt like she wanted to come back, so I’ve always put her in,” she said.

Also featured in this year’s poster is Olivia Cox with Landmarks of DeKalb County behind her. Randolph said it was to honor her for everything she’s done.

Randolph also included faces of Native Americans on the walls of the canyon. She said she had plans of adding the cave in the poster but wasn’t sure where to place it.

“I’ve been working on the posters to represent our future as well as our past. That has been my thoughts about it because this is the direction we want to go, our new boom," she said.

Once the original vision comes to her, it ends up being “kind of like a quilt” and all the pieces start coming together. She said the art piece takes anywhere between 10 days to a work-week to come together.

“I draw it all freehand and then its layers of watercolor, and there’s a little bit of pen and ink as well,” said Randolph.

Randolph said she’s proud of Fort Payne and its transition over the years.

“They have really come a long way from socks to scenery,” she said.

Randolph said she believes the city will have the whole collection together on display for the Boom Days festival like they did last year. The posters will be one sale for $10 at the Boom Town Makers Market and DeKalb Theater in downtown Fort Payne during the Boom Days Heritage Festival this Friday and Saturday.

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