Food City hearing set for Feb. 15

A hearing is set for Feb. 15 to receive public comment on a proposed agreement relating to the construction of a Food City grocery store. The investment is expected to pay off in approximately $422,000 in new revenue for the local tax base, the creation of an estimated 140 full and part time jobs and the potential for attracting customers from outside of Fort Payne.

A hearing is set for February 15 to receive public comment on a proposed agreement relating to the construction of a Food City grocery store.

The hearing is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. at Fort Payne City Hall and relates to an economic development agreement between the City and Marathon Realty Corp.

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As a newcomer to Fort Payne, I comment here unaware of the activities, plans and commitments involved in the Food City subject reaching this point.

However, a major reason for my relocating to Fort Payne is, paradoxically, what it did not have. Throughout my adult life I have lived and worked in areas that seemingly had every kind of product, service, skill or just plain help a person could ever need. While convenient, those products, services and skills soon look look very similar place to place. In other words, those conveniences took away some - often most - of the uniqueness of the town where they located.

I have no complaint with Food City or any reason to think they are not a honest, well run company. However I also believe that the store they build will look a great deal like other stores they build in other cities. The Fort Payne store will likely have very little about it that is unique to Fort Payne.

Most of us have become unconsciously accepting of how McDonald's look - the one in Fort Payne looks like the one in Nebraska or Arizona. The same can be said of gas stations and other fast good establishments and even of The Cracker Barrel, which I visit often while traveling.

They don't vary much location to location.

While I appreciate the Food City arrival likely brings with it benefits for many people, those are tangible benefits. An intangible loss will be the arrival of another corporate storefront, employees trained in that corporations practices and policies and products for sale that have received careful and extensive study at the corporate level.

Not much there uniquely Fort Payne.

While my expectation is this will business become a reality in Fort Payne, and I will probably go there and be buy some things, it's arrival will be a good day for some new employees and construction workers, it will be an unfortunate day for Fort Payne. Not one to celebrate.

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