Details for Foreclosure

Default having been
made under the terms
of that certain mortgage executed by Terry
D. Sewell and spouse,
Shelia R. Sewell, on
the 18th day of August,
2006 to First State
Bank of DeKalb County
which said mortgage is
recorded in the Probate Office of DeKalb
County, Alabama, in
Mortgage Book 1405,
at Page 188, as to
which an additional advance was made as
evidenced by that certain Notice of Additional Advance to be Secured by Mortgage
dated December 15,
2006 and recorded in
said Probate Office in
Mortgage Book 1433,
at Page 53, and by
reason of such default,
having declared all of
the indebtedness secured by said mortgage due and payable,
and such default continuing, notice is hereby
given that, acting under the power of sale
contained in said mortgage, First State Bank
of DeKalb County will
sell at public outcry, for
cash, to the highest
bidder, before the main
entrance of the Courthouse in the City of
Fort Payne, DeKalb
County, Alabama, at
11:00 a.m. or otherwise during the legal
hours of sale on October 27, 2021 the following described real estate situated in DeKalb
County, Alabama, towit:

The SE ¼ of the SW1/4
of Section 17, Township 4, Range 9, containing 40 acres, more
or less, being located in
DeKalb County,

Together with a 12 ft.
easement evenly off
the S part of the SW ¼
of the SW ¼, Section
17, Township 4, Range
9. Said 12 ft. easement
to be used as a private
ROW for entrance and
exit to the property
hereinabove conveyed.

Also: A permanent
easement for ingress
and egress to County
Road 765 described as
follows: An easement
30 ft. wide, the centerline being 210 ft. S of
the N boundary line of
the SW ¼ of the SE ¼
of Section 17, Township 4 S, Range 9 E, in
DeKalb County,
Alabama, said centerline of said easement
commencing at the W
margin of County Road
NO. 765 running parallel to said N boundary
line of said SW ¼ of the
SE ¼, and extending W
across the entire forty
and to the E boundary
line of the SE ¼ of the
SW ¼ of said Section.

For informational purposes the street address for the above referenced property is:
345 County Road 9093,
Henagar, Alabama
Together with the
hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto
belonging and all fixtures now attached to
and used in connection
with the premises
herein described.
Said sale will be subject to the right of way
easements and restrictions of record in the
Probate Office of
DeKalb County,
Alabama, and will be
subject to existing special assessments, if
any, which might adversely affect the title to
subject property.
Said property will be
sold on an “As Is,
Where Is” basis without
warranty or recourse,
express or implied as to
title, use and/or enjoyment.
Alabama law gives
some persons who
have an interest in
property the right to redeem the property under certain circumstances. Programs may
also exist that help persons avoid or delay the
foreclosure process. An
attorney should be consulted to help you understand these rights
and programs as a part
of the foreclosure process.
Said sale will be made
for the purpose of paying the indebtedness
secured by the abovedescribed mortgage,
and the proceeds
thereof will be applied
as provided by the
terms of said mortgage.
The successful bidder
must tender a non-refundable deposit of
Five Thousand and
00/100 Dollars
($5,000.00) in certified
funds made payable to
Reynolds, Reynolds &
Little, LLC at the time
and place of the sale.
The balance of the purchase price must be
paid in certified funds
or by wire transfer by
noon the next business
day at the Law Office of
Reynolds, Reynolds &
Little, LLC at the address indicated below
unless prior to said sale
Reynolds, Reynolds &
Little, LLC has agreed
to a later date for the
tender of the balance of
the purchase price. The
Mortgagee reserves the
right to bid for and purchase the real estate
and to credit its purchase price against the
expenses of sale and
the indebtedness secured by the real estate.
The failure of any high
bidder to pay the purchase price and close
this sale shall, at the
option of Mortgagee, be
cause for rejection of
the bid, and if the bid is
rejected, Mortgagee
shall have the option of
making the sale to the
next highest bidder who
is able, capable and
willing to comply with
the terms thereof.
This sale is subject to
postponement or cancellation.

First State Bank of
DeKalb County
Robert P. Reynolds
Attorneys for Mortgagee
2115 11th Street
Post Office Box 2863
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Telephone: 205-3910073
File No. 1517.0008.1

October 6,
October 13th and
October 20th, 2021

F o r e c l o s u r e


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