Details for Advertisement To Bid

Project: Fort Payne
High School Athletic
Fields Improvement

Owner: Fort Payne
City Board of Education
205 45th Street NE
Fort Payne, Alabama

Engineer/ Architects:
Greenhill Engineering
Consultants, Inc.
2412 Beck Industrial
Fort Payne, Alabama
Phone: 256-844-6722

Sealed proposals will
be received by the Fort
Payne City Board of
Education at the office
of the Fort Payne
Board of Education,
205 45th Street NE,
Fort Payne, AL 35968,
until August 18, 2021,
10:00 a.m. local time.
The bids will be opened
and read aloud.

A Mandatory Prebid
Meeting is scheduled
for all bidders that are
planning to submit a
proposal for this
project. The prebid
meeting is August 4,
2021, at 10:00 am local time at the Fort
Payne City Board of
Education, 205 45th
Street NE, Fort Payne,
AL 35967. Bid proposals shall not be accepted from any Contractor not in attendance of
the Mandatory Prebid

The following is a short
description of the

Description: Includes
all labor, materials and
equipment to demo the
existing football field
and track surface; for
the reconstruction of a
new track and conversion of football field to
synthetic turf. Project
also consist of demo
and conversion of the
softball and baseball
fields to a synthetic turf.
Grading and drainage
improvements are required on all fields as
per the drawings and

A cashier’s check or bid
bond payable to the
Fort Payne City Board
of Education in an
amount not less than
five (5) percent of the
amount of the bid, but
in no event more than
$10,000.00, must accompany the bidder’s
proposal. Performance
and Payment Bonds
and evidence of insurance required in the bid
documents will be required at the signing of
the Contract.

Bidding Documents for
the contract may be obtained from the office of
the Engineer upon request to the office of
the Engineer at

Submit your Bid on the
provided. Contractor
shall provide a copy of
their Alabama General
Contractor License with
their bid.

Your Bid will be required to be submitted
under a condition of irrevocability for a period of 60 days after submission.

The Owner reserves
the right to reject any or
all proposals and to
waive technical errors
if, in the Owner’s judgement, the best interests of the Owner
will thereby be promoted.

July 21,
July 28,
August 4 and
August 11, 2021


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