A middle-aged couple was awakened one night when the smoke detector sounded. Grabbing his wife by the arm, he led her down the hallway and out of the house into the front yard safely. He looked at his wife expecting a word of thanks but noticed that she was smiling. Troubled, he asked, “Why are you smiling? “Tonight,” she answered, “is the first time that we’ve gone out together in five years.” Unfortunately, there are too many times in life when we are brought together by tragedy rather than tenderness, hopelessness rather than helpfulness, pain rather than pleasure. Robert Browning once said; “Success in marriage is more than finding the right person. It is being the right person.” Are you being the right person? The person you can be? Success in family living is more than being together, it is loving together. Are you loving together or is one loving more than the other? Success in relationships is more than doing, it is being the person God would have you to be. It is living as Jesus lived and loving as He loved. My wife prayed that she would one day marry a godly man, I can attest to you that she did not marry a Godly man, she did however marry a man who wanted to love and be loved, who want to protect and provide, who wanted to be everything opposite if what he had grown up in. No, she did not marry a godly man, she married a man who like David wanted to become a man after God’s own heart.

– Rev. Darrell Morgan is the pastor at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Fort Payne.

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