As one matures, they begin to think more of their future and ambitions Interests begin to transition to where we will be as an adult. For most of us, that attention begins to turn to the person we will spend our life with.

Career has an important role in our plans. College years a preparation often lead to relationships and marriage. Others have dated through their youth and are wed at a young age.

This month I have the privilege of performing a ceremony for a family member.

They have made some good preparations and wise decisions as they plan their marriage. One thing I always like to do in a ceremony is to pray for the couple. It is a time when two people covenant their devotion to one another.

Another aspect is the fact that a brand new family is being formed. Two

people are leaving the nest of their parents to form the basic social unit of

a family. Looking back I’m reminded of how much had to learn about becoming a husband. Sadly I knew so little and learned so slowly! I was

blessed to be wed to a wonderful girl who came from a wonderful family!

Another great joy for any family is the blessing of their children! The scriptures teach us that children are a gift from the Lord, (Psalm 127:3). As I began the first week, I mentioned the joy of a new birth in the family. Interestingly enough is the added joy of seeing our children grow to become responsible adults. What once was a child needing the nurture and care of a parent has now become a parent.

With all that troubles our hearts and minds these days, we can still be thankful for our families. I am aware that many are facing difficult times within their family. With this in mind, we should pray earnestly for one another. The Bible tells us that we need to “build our house upon the rock” (Matthew 7:24-27) so that when the storms of life come, it may be able to stand. It is so important that our homes and families be built on

the solid rock of the Lord Jesus Christ!

May you find the love, joy and stability in your family this day in the

Lord Jesus!

– John Keefe is the pastor of Minvale Baptist Church.

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