May 14, 2019 has been conceived as a time for high school juniors to reflect for a few hours on their upcoming career choices. Regardless of where they are in making that choice, we wish to provide them with information that will be helpful to them as they ask themselves this question. Will I be happy in this field?

You have been selected and asked to lead a group because, in our opinion, you represent your chosen field in an outstanding way. Consequently we believe you should be comfortable with the following guidance. As you look at the students who choose your subject, remember they are considering your field for their own. Tell them what you think they should know at this stage of their life about your field if they are going to make an informed choice about entering it. Remember, w do a great job of preparing students for professions and vocations but we need to help them understand what your field is really like in real life. It is important that, where appropriate, you include information about areas within your field both from the professional (college required) and vocational areas.

You may spend as much time as you like beginning the discussion but please allow ample time for questions and answers. This may be the only chance some students get to ask a person of your experience these types of questions at this stage of career choice.

What to avoid:

This has been especially billed as a non-recruiting event. Rather, the focus is clearly upon fostering understanding of careers and their impact upon everyday life.


Several people have asked us about the dress code for the day. This is entirely your choice. When pressed hard by some on this question, we have responded simply by encouraging speakers to dress in ways complementary to and representative of their career field.


8:45 Welcome and announcements

9:00 Keynote Address by Sam Glenn

10:00 Break with Snacks

10:30 Career Session I

11:00 Session Change Time

11:15 Career Session II

11:45 Career Session Time

12:00 Career Session III

12:30 Lunch for Students

1:15 Closing and Door Prizes

Lunch for speakers:

FTC will provide a box lunch for all speakers to grab on your way out, immediately following your career session. We will also have seating available for those who wish to take a break, socialize and eat while you are there.

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