He didn’t choose music, music chose him

Tim Jackson is a Grammy-nominated songwriter who lives in Mentone. 

Tim Jackson has been a singer/songwriter for over 50 years. He currently stays in a cabin in Mentone, but is in the process of purchasing a home on the brow. His hobbies include photography and renovating time-honored RVs. However, his first love is music, which has led him to being a Grammy-nominated songwriter.

His family on both is father and mother’s sides have several musicians and singers and it was always a huge part of his life. Jackson’s level of talent took his resume to the level of reading like a Who’s Who list of famous people whom he has worked with over his many years in the music industry. Jackson said he has worked with The Beatles over in Europe and other famous musicians.

Jackson’s brother Tommy helps to promote his brother’s talent with his business First Note Entertainment which, in-part, custom creates music for movie and television scripts and commercials. Tim’s versatility with music affords him the ability to work with other musicians to create the background music on a great deal of modern entertainment. Go to firstnoteplay.com for more details.

The music industry recognizes a song’s popularity by labeling it gold, platinum, or multiplatinum based on sales, Jackson’s brother Tommy said Tim has reached triple-platinum sales. “My brother is very modest about his talent,” said Tommy Jackson. “He has played to crowds of 20,000 and upwards, written songs for famous singers, and if anyone has ever watched Grey’s Anatomy or the promo for The Today Show, just to name a couple, they have most likely heard Tim’s music playing.”

Jackson also hosts the Tim Jackson Story Telling Tour. The Tour plays small theaters and listening rooms across the south. The tour features a nostalgic evening of original music from Jackson along with other favorite artists performing with him. The stage is set with a 1950s gas pump, lamp post, two wheels from a 1935 Ford Victoria, and other vintage items to set the mood. “I like to transport people back in time,” said Jackson. “A more peaceful time, I like to stir-up good memories. People have told me my music makes them think about their dad or grandpa and that makes me feel good to hear that.” Go to timjacksonstorytellertour.com to see more information about his touring. With small theatres closed due to COVID-19 Jackson has taken to doing private events that are commonly out-of-doors or in large spaces with smaller crowds.

One thing that makes Jackson unique in the music industry is his ability to play many different genres of music. It doesn’t matter of it is Country, Jazz, Soul, or R&B. “I never chose music, music chose me.” said Jackson. “It just seemed like the normal thing to do; it was in my heart.”

Madden, Jackson’s grandson, was emotionally impacted by a Black Lives Matter protest he saw in Tallahassee, after which, Jackson was inspired to write the song, “I Sing Hallelujah.” Ike Bartley, longtime Emerald Coast musician, collaborated with Jackson. The video can be seen on YouTube (Tim Jackson, Ike Bartley – I sang Hallelujah official video) and on timjacksonsstorytellertour.com.

Tim’s Motto: “The music in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, music isn’t music until you give it away.”

— Marla Ballard’s Who's Who appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday and weekend editions.

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