Songwriter tells life stories through lyrics

Pictured above is Lynne Welden, singer and short story, song and poetry writer. Welden plays bass guitar, piano and works with several local bands who perform at area festivals.

Lynne Welden, age 24, works on an organic farm in the Mentone area, but when off work, she spends time playing music, writing songs and singing. The music in Welden started coming out around age 16 in the form of learning to play musical instruments and the writing of songs followed at around age 19. Inspiration from a music teacher was part of what started the process.

Welden said the song writing aspect of music grew from being a longtime journal keeper, writing poetry and short story writer. “I believe a person is motivated to write songs because they have something to say,” said Welden. “I like writing songs that tell a story about things I can relate too.”

Currently Welden has written 15 songs and one song is titled “The Frame.” The song is about a friend who is a photographer and how seeing oneself through someone else’s eyes can affect a person. The song focuses on not dismissing compliments a person is paid, but learning to accept compliments from other people.

While Welden did take some music theory courses the talent displayed mainly comes from being self-taught. Love of music was rooted early on when as a child Ray Charles music was played on a regular basis in the home. “I’ve loved music my entire life,” said Welden. “My mother loved music and made sure our home was filled with music. Her mother played classical piano and no doubt that influenced her passion for music.”

Welden plays Bass, guitar, and a little piano and works with several bands in the area who play at local festivals and events such as weddings. The Mentone Arts Center hosts First Monday Singer/Songwriter Round every month and musicians like Welden can be found there demonstrating and honing their skills.

One recent event where Welden played was at the Follow Your Art event hosted by DeSoto State Park. The event was held at the walking trail in Mentone near the Mentone Educational Resources Foundation (MERF).

Welden’s plan for the future is to continue down the music career path. In January and February Welden will be playing and touring with Blvck Hippie (pronounced Black Hippie), a Black Fronted Sad Boy Indie Rock Band based out of Memphis, TN. Their genre is Post Punk, Indie Rock, and VHS Rock.

“My life motto is all about helping me to accept where I am in life at any given moment,” said Welden.

Lynne’s Motto: “It is what it is.”

— Marla Ballard’s Who's Who appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday and weekend editions.

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