I love getting a new car, don’t you? The excitement and anticipation of it, the way it makes me feel special. But after four years of paying for this once new car, it is not exactly what I thought it would be, it has some issues and I want another one. Marriage, unfortunately, for way too many couples is seen as an “enjoy it for as long as you want and then trade your spouse for someone else.” Solving the problems that come with every relationship - not just with a wife or husband - are normal and natural. People have different values and expectations and often, rather than to try to understand and solve them, and grow together, tempers flare and divorce occurs - leaving marred lives and shattered dreams. More often than not, both are equally responsible for refusing to be Christian and demonstrate the love of God to one another. I have always believed that God created the sanctity of the marriage bond, but it is man that messes it up. But Solomon made a statement that is delightful to my ears in Proverbs 18:22, “Whoever finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. “ He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” In the original Hebrew it reads: “He who finds a wife finds good.” I know you are not supposed to add to God’s Word, but I believe He will forgive me here. He or she who finds a wife or husband finds what is good! To grasp the meaning of this verse we must understand that the word for “good” means something like a “fortune” or “favor.” In the sight of God, a good wife or husband and a good life are synonymous in God’s plan. This comes from the second chapter of Genesis. What I want you to understand, however, is that it is the Lord who has given him or her to you. He or she is an expression of God’s “favor” bestowed upon you. Hence, a man cannot find a good wife on his own and neither can a woman find a good man. A good husband or wife comes as a favor from God and as with all of God’s favors, they must be sought diligently, they must be sought carefully and above all, they must be sought prayerfully. And guys, we must never be so self-centered and think we deserve God’s gift of a spouse. It is as stated: “a favor from the Lord.”

– Rev. Darrell Morgan is the pastor at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Fort Payne.

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