It important for God’s people to be obedient to how the Lord is leading them. Ananias was a good example of the importance of obeying the promptings of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life. When Ananias found Saul of Tarsus and laid hands on him and prayed, the Lord did His wonderful work in Saul’s life. He was miraculously healed (17, 18) and soon baptized; however, this was only the beginning of God’s plan for Saul’s life.

What were the results of Saul’s conversion?  

It is important not to overlook the progression of events in the life of Saul of Tarsus. He was healed of blindness (17, 18), and he was then ‘filled with the Holy Spirit’ (17). Consequently, he was also baptized. (18). God’s work was only just beginning for Saul. The working of God’s Spirit in his life would radically transform him from a terrorist into an evangelist who would fearlessly proclaim the gospel and make him into a target for those who would persecute and imprison him.  

Saul ‘spent several days with the disciples in Damascus’ (19).

It was important that he spend some time with those he had come to imprison. They needed to see what God could do in a person’s life. Saul needed to see those he was bent on arresting.  He would see them from a different perspective.  He would learn to live a life of faith in the Lord Jesus and spend his life promoting the gospel that he once terrorized. We all need to take seriously our faith by attending a Christian Church and worshipping with others.

He immediately began to preach Christ. (20)

We have now seen a turning point in history. Saul was about 30 years old when he was converted. He lived and labored about 30 more years. He was later beheaded in Rome.  

2 Timothy 1:12-16

Some conclusions to consider.

No matter how bad your life has been, God’s grace is enough to cleanse, forgive, and heal you and begin to use you for His glory. Turn to Him.

What events are surrounding your life that are pointing you to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and preparing you for service?

What does the Lord want you to do?

– Reverend Michael F. Miller, Ruhama Baptist Church

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