Interior home design wears a disguise that basically boils down to the fact that every motif is a trend. Trends are here one minute and gone the next. Next year will be no different on bringing in new décor ideas and allowing a few favs to hold on a bit longer. Here’s what 2021 is trending.

A rich, dark blue used both for walls or accenting. A word of caution about blue, a little goes a long way. The good news for many is Grey will stay, at least for 2021.

Neutrals are still going strong, however the cold white is giving way to warmer tones of neutral. The classic black and white is coming back for another showing.

Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese Modern designs light woods will be a common material for interiors. This tone of wood will be used not only for flooring, but also for covering walls and ceilings.

Natural and organic materials will be on the forefront to bring nature into the home and remind homeowners of the exterior life while indoors.

For those who always felt caught between modern and rustic, good news, they can co-mingle the combination. Those pieces that have survived the element of time can now reside with contemporary ones.

Seems the millennials welcomed in an online world with fine line graphic art. It’s all the buzz now and is peeking its head into 2021. The graphic designs can be found on wallpaper or room accents such as vases or artwork.

For those who adore the industrial vibe, no fear it is still trendy. The cluttered cottage look is out with a less-is-more motif.

Less layering and less stuff leaves a room pretty but not overdone. Not necessarily to the degree of minimalism, but definitely less mess.

Two years ago two-toned kitchens were all the rage and the popularity of them is still growing into 2021.

The variety of variations that can be achieved between some cabinetry being painted while other cabinetry stays natural wood tones and upper and lower cabinetry showcasing different complimentary colors has homeowners taking their time to select the perfect style.

Brass of the 80s and 90s is not coming back, but gold is. Brushed nickel is still in vogue, but not as trendy as gold.

Remember, trends come and go and the most important aspect of any home is that it is functional and meets the personal tastes and needs of the occupants.

— Marla Ballard’s Master of Disguise normally appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday editions.

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