Therapist relocating to Valley Head

Pictured above is Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker Cat Findley, whose practice offers a broad range of therapy with sessions available in-person and virtually. 

Cat Findley is “hanging up her shingle” as Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Valley Head. Findley has 25 years of experience. She previously worked in the Birmingham area, but moved to Mentone last October. She feels there is a real need to return to this field of medicine as there is a lack of therapist in comparison to the sudden need due to current world conditions.

She feels offering her services as a therapist is especially crucial at this time with the pandemic pushing people to their limits. “Between isolation, job loss, job changes, online schooling, loss of loved ones and the potential for illness, more people are at their breaking point,” said Findley.

Findley said too many people do not recognize mental problems as a medical condition. She said smart people seek medical help and take medicine, when needed, for their condition. She hopes that once she speaks with an individual, they will sense her sincerity, non-threatening, and non-judgmental manner and will continue to talk with her about matters they find stressful.

In addition to the stressful situations people are finding themselves in due to the pandemic Findley also helps people with end-of-life issues. Persons who are experiencing changes due to aging, chronic illness, or terminal illness. “So many people feel stuck in their situation. I just want people to live their best life,” said Findley. “It’s not about what I want, it’s what they want for their life. My goal as a therapist is to help them identify their problem and the associated stumbling blocks that landed them there, it is a process of helping them figure out what they want for themselves. It is a partnership with the client.”

Therapy offers an outside perspective that is not coming from a family member or friend who has any connection to the situation. The counselor is impartial and helps the person to consider options to deal with stressful events.

Findley said the initial assessment is about gathering background information to piece together a picture. It is also to allow a rapport to be established between client and therapist. The initial consultation is free. Due to the fact that Findley will not be accepting insurance, she is waving the usual fee therapists receive. The charge for a one-hour session is $50, which is comparable to what a co-pay would be with insurance.

To contact Cat Findley email, her at or call 205-999-1272. Options for therapy sessions are available both in-person and virtual. Findley’s practice offers a broad-range of therapy above and beyond conditions related to the pandemic.

— Marla Ballard’s Spotlight on Business appears in the Times-Journal weekend edition.

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