Wooten says her heart belongs here

Pictured above is Heather Wooten, a six-year employee of Vintage 1989 Cafe in downtown Fort Payne.

Heather Wooten has worked at Vintage 1889 Cafe for six years. She is, as they say, “the chief cook and bottle washer.” While she performs the tasks of managing, hiring, serving, cooking and doing whatever needs to be done to keep things moving smoothly, she is also recognized as a great mixologist.

Wooten has worked in the restaurant industry since she was a teenager, and when she turned 21 years of age she took a six-week mixology course in Birmingham. “I view bartending as an art form,” said Wooten. “I love making signature drinks for many of the holidays.” Some of Wooten’s signature drinks are Love Potion #9, Malibu Breeze and Dirty Leprechaun.

Wooten said the stereotype bartender who listens to people’s problems is true, whenever the bartender can stand still long enough to listen. She said people just need someone to listen to them more than they need advice.

There are many Wootens in the area and Heather said she is most likely related to most, if not all, of them. She is a native of the area and although she has moved away to live in other areas of the south she said this is where her heart is. “I’m proud of our town and the people in it,” said Wooten. “I want to see Fort Payne prosper and grow and I want to be a part of that.”

She would like to see more entertainment in the area that draws people out to be social. She is an entertainer as well and loves seeing the local musicians hired to entertain. “Our area is blessed with a lot of talented individuals,” said Wooten.

She gives credit to the people around her for supporting her. “I have to give credit to Lynn Brewer, Courtney Stephens, Mallory Debter, Dalancy Duckett, Ranae Lyons, Angie Demarco, and Jessica Dutton for backing me up and making things easier for me,” said Wooten. She also gives credit to her parents. Her mother has worked at the Rainsville library for 20 years and her father as a nurse and school bus driver.

She is excited about the renovations taking place at Vintage 1889 Café. She said the new addition includes more than just additional space for patrons. A new kitchen is being built and the old one will be used for supplementary storage. A larger seating area for customers with a new outdoor seating area are all part of the blueprints.

One day Wooten, would love to own her own establishment in Fort Payne. She jokingly says she’d name it “Long-time comin’.” She said her ideal vacation is any beach, just relaxing and enjoying life.

Heather’s Motto: “Home is where the heart is.”

— Marla Ballard’s Who's Who appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday and weekend editions.

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