How we choose a color that matches our personality

Choosing a color for the walls of our homes or using color as an accent in a motif is about more than just selecting a favorite shade. Color plays a vital role in human behavior, it can sway thinking, irritate or soothe, raise blood pressure, and even suppress appetite. Selecting a hue just because it is currently the most popular one may create a disguise that leaves the homeowner wondering why they don’t feel comfortable in their own surroundings.

The human eye is amazing and scientist studied the eye to determine which color it is most attracted too. By analyzing the way the rods and cones in the eye are stimulated by different wavelengths of light it was determined the human eye is most sensitive to light at a wavelength of 555 nanometers which is the equivalent of bright green. While the eye may be drawn to this color it doesn’t seem practical to slather our homes with it. What is practical is to match color selections to the homeowner’s personality.

The person who raises their own vegetables, loves dogs, woodburning fireplaces, baking, and loves to throw a party in the kitchen will generally find satisfaction with down-to-earth neutral tones. Colors such as pale-peach and buttery-yellow that blend easily into the background. It can be especially pleasing to use warm neutrals in rooms that are sparse with windows. Other neutral colors include gray, white, black, brown, and beige.

For those who love salsa music, French perfume, and have a closet full of impractical shoes they may want to gravitate toward warmer colors such as red, orange, bold pinks and yellows.

The person who keeps a cool head when others are losing it and prefers long walks versus fast ones will most likely find a comfortable feeling being surrounded by blue. Blue is the color equivalent of aroma therapy. The person who wants to feel calm, cool, and collected will find blue clears the mind and refreshes the spirit. It is for those who want to slow the pace and breathe deeply.

The “Thrill Seeker” cannot be tied down to a single side of the color spectrum. This person lives for change. They love having call waiting, but hate to be put on hold. Loud music and lots of dinner parties keep them in their “happy place.” This person may find comfort when pairing a warm color with a cool complement – such as red with green, blue with orange, or yellow with purple.

The color choices don’t have to be outlandish on the walls of the home, color therapy can be accomplished by using accent pillows, area rugs, wall art and more. If you feel you are a blend of more than one personality profile try using different colors in different rooms and see what feels right.

Oh, and by the way the colors that scientists have found to suppress appetite are blue, brown, grey and black. While white is usually considered pure and innocent it has been found to actually trigger the brain to over-eat, it turns out it is not so innocent after all.

— Marla Ballard’s Master of Disguise appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday editions.

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