Gadgets as gifts for entire family

Gadgets are defined as mechanical or electronic devices, tools, or items that are ingenious. The category has a broad range. Here are some innovative gadgets to research.

Wall climbing cars are currently all-the-rage right now. The toy wears a great disguise by defying gravity. The device looks like something out of the future as it drives up walls and across ceilings. The process is achieved by creating a vacuum underneath it, through which it can literally suck to all flat surfaces. The car comes with a infrared remote control, which can be used to control and charge the car. Price varies between $30 to $40 depending on the place it is purchased from. It is especially important to read directions carefully when recharging the battery.

While Junior is in the living room racing a car up the wall mom can be using her new gadget in the kitchen. The Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Knife, combines a cutting board and knife all-in-one. This gadget eliminates the need to drag out the cutting board when preparing food. Price is $20 and under. Reviews are mixed about 50/50, some love it others hate it.

Kitchen items such as hand towels and wooden spoon sets seem to disappear at family functions and potluck dinners. Getting these items personally monogrammed is a good start to keeping them with their proper owner. Online monogram services offer this advantage. Dad might also like a personalized cutting board for when he plays grill master.

Society has certainly become aware of sanitizing in the prevention of viruses and bacteria. UV sterilization also known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, has been found to be effective. Sources of UV sterilization can kill over 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, and fungi in an extremely short amount of time.

Hospitals have been using this method for years to cut down on the spread of drug-resistant superbugs and to disinfect surgical suites. At home use includes sanitizing cell phones, remote controls, key pads and more. Portable UV wands can be found for sale online.

Father’s can dump the diaper bag for a dad hoodie or vest. Inside pockets allow dad to carry diapers and other baby needs discreetly on the inside of the garment. Just type in “dad hoodie” online for optional places to make purchases from.

It is always best to compare online reviews before making a purchase.

— Marla Ballard’s Master of Disguise normally appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday editions.

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