'Something that makes a difference'

Above, Kelly Moses (right) serves as the Marketing Coordinator for the DeKalb Children's Advocacy Center and The Gathering Place. He also supervises Thrifty Outfitters, a local secondhand store whose sales fund the above programs. Store Manager Alex Casey is pictured left.

Kelly Moses is the Marketing Coordinator for the DeKalb County Children’s Advocacy Center and Thrifty Outfitters, which are 501c3 non-profits. Moses also supervises Thrifty Outfitters. Thrifty Outfitters provides funding for both the DeKalb County CAC and The Gathering Place.

Moses is from the area and graduated from Fort Payne High School in 1986. He has personally owned several businesses and has worked in the corporate world. Moses said in his current position, he definitely feels he is in his wheelhouse because the everyday business of business is what he knows best.

“I have always prayed that I would be able to one day do something bigger than me, for something that makes a difference,” said Moses. “The CAC provides hope and healing for abused and at-risk children, I feel I have been blessed with this position as Marketing Coordinator.”

Moses has been with the DeKalb County CAC for three years and has played a key role in fundraiser events such as Singing with the Stars, Ping Pong for Prevention, The Dinner Theatre, and Fore the Kids Golf Tournament. “Thrifty Outfitters is an ongoing fundraiser,” said Moses. “One-hundred percent of the profits go to the DeKalb County CAC and The Gathering Place.”

Thrifty Outfitters opened up its doors Dec. 21, 2020 at its new location at 3700 Grand Ave. N, next to Dixie Salvage Inc. in Fort Payne. Moses said the square footage is approximately the same in comparison to the former location, but it feels much larger due to the open-floor concept. “Our new location has a boutique feel with thrift store prices,” said Moses. Patrons will find the parking much easier to maneuver, especially for those dropping off donated items.

As Marketing Coordinator, he wants the public to know that tax forms are provided for those making donations and how much their donations are appreciated. “I am also grateful for the list of volunteers I have to call on when needed, the community’s involvement means a lot,” said Moses. “I also appreciate my son, Brady, helping at the store and our Store Manager, Alex Casey for all their hard work.”

Moses stays busy at the store where he says the turnover of merchandise is fast. “We get furniture, electronics, clothing, home décor and well just about anything,” said Moses. “We keep the prices low so the inventory moves.”

Kelly’s Motto: “Do something bigger than yourself, make a difference.”

— Marla Ballard’s Who's Who appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday and weekend editions.

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