Very few people have not been significantly effected by the pandemic in one manner or another. Some have experienced major lifestyle changes such as lose of employment. Brooke Conner is one whose life took a different direction when the pandemic hit the United States.

Conner found herself unemployed and needed to find something to fill her time while she figured out what to do about her work situation. She enjoys learning and figured out a way to fill her time, relieve her “stuck at home” stress, work on a health issue she deals with, and make a little money.

She decided to master making homemade cosmetic beauty products that are a healthier alternative for people with sensitive skin like she has. Her line of beauty products partially include soaps, lotions, face scrubs and beard oil and beard balm.

Her new found interest has her creating lip balms that she says may be used for minor cuts and burns, as well. She uses Shea butter, a fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree, and coconut oil.

Her beauty products also include perfumes made from natural oils for both men and women, natural hand sanitizer, and soaps made from green tea oil. Other ingredients found in her beauty line include grape seed and calendula oils. “Some of the products I use require time to process because they need 24 hour exposure to the sun,” said Conner, “I don’t mind taking my time to make the products work better.”

She was able to teach herself by finding books on the subject. “When doing my research I knew I wanted beauty products that are biodegradable and would not clog household drains in addition to being good for my skin,” said Conner.

Teaching herself to do things is not new, Conner also used YouTube to teach herself to crochet. She likes to make fingertip-less gloves, she all about discovering ways in which to improve herself, her life, and others lives.

Conner has been able to find a new job and still keeps herself busy on weekends making up her beauty concoctions. Conner’s products can be found on Facebook at Green Mage Produce and Gifts and

Brooke’s Motto: “We are not buried, we are planted, so grow where you are planted.”

— Marla Ballard’s Who's Who appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday and weekend editions.

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