Untamed Gallery relocated and renamed, adds new products

Blue River Home Accents and Candle Bar is located at 204 Gault Ave. N. in Fort Payne.

Untamed Gallery has relocated and changed business names. The new location is 204 Gault Ave. N. in Fort Payne and the business is now “Blue River Home Accents and Candle Bar.” New products have been added along with a workshop space for teaching candle making.

For nearly two years, the business was located at 103 Gault Ave. N. and featured still-shot photography of the wildlife Jeannee Gannuch caught on film from her journeys around the globe. Now, in addition to her art gallery, she is making candles with rare creative aspects that she designs herself and she is offering workshops to teach others how to make large pillar candles that weigh a pound or more.

The candle making all began as a hobby in her kitchen. She learned the basics from watching online instructions and her artistic side kicked-in and she began to experiment with designs and aromas. “The great thing about making candles is that if you are not pleased with your creation you can melt it back down and start over again,” said Gannuch.

Gannuch began to embellish her candles by embedding them with natural (nonflammable) items such as copper wire, volcano glass, and rocks. “As the candle burns down these implanted items come to bear and some of them offer a unique glow,” said Gannuch. “This process makes each candle its own individual piece of artwork.” The volcano glass gives the candle a window to the flame inside creating more glow on the outside.

Further experimentation led her to using ice in her molds to produce holes in the wax to give a marbling effect. “This process gives the candle a lacy appearance,” said Gannuch. “Some people might call it a swiss cheese look.”

She learned how to add fragrance to the candles and even create new aromas by blending scents. “I like experimenting with the various fragrances,” said Gannuch. “I found Patchouli blended well with Wisteria and various fruit fragrances mixed well with certain florals.” She also experimented with personalizing the colors of the candles. In addition to pillar candles, she also makes large block candles as well.

Inventory at her business includes art, candles, candle accessories, lamps, and locally handcrafted gifts.

Beginner workshops begin April 22, and will be limited in capacity to small groups. Students will design their own candles and will be able to keep the candle they make. To make a reservation to join the workshop candle making call 256-997-6729. Future workshops will teach more advanced techniques.

— Marla Ballard’s Spotlight on Business appears in the Times-Journal weekend edition.

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