Haley Ferguson is a crafter, and she has her own “She Shed” where she makes multiple types of gifts for her family and friends. She says she loves crafting and she likes the monetary savings that result from making something yourself.

Ferguson enjoys learning new things and uses the internet to hone her skills. Once she masters a new hobby, she likes to make several of the same item to give as gifts. The items vary in color and design to make them unique. Purchasing in bulk on Amazon also cuts her cost down. Over the years she has made a variety of items which include jewelry and clothing. Two years ago, she started making candles.

Initially, she began with smaller wax kits she would pour them into blue, vintage mason jars and Fire-King glassware. Eventually she worked her way up to larger candles, placing them in objects like Enamelware bowls. “I especially like large candles that are in an antique tin or some other time-honored piece of dishware,” said Ferguson. “Large candles can be very costly, so I learned to make my own.” Making her own candles also affords her the creativity to make them with or without aroma. Haley said she prefers the aromas of cookies, vanilla, and coconut.

Another project she has tackled is making chunky blankets. These popular blankets can cost $150 and upwards. Some types of chunky blankets can be purchased at lower cost, but often tend to shed more than the expensive versions. The most popular yarn for this project is merino wool, the natural fiber is soft and bouncy. Some people prefer using oversized, acrylic yarn.

The crafter uses no crochet hook for this oversized yarn, a person’s hands are their tools. Online DIY videos demonstrate the process for want-to-be crafters. Generally, it takes about 340 feet of chunky yarn to yield a 30” by 50” blanket. Calculations vary slightly based on whether the yarn is “super bulky” (6) or “jumbo” (7) yarn.

In addition to learning from online videos Ferguson takes classes from time-to-time. She has taken cake decorating and soap making classes at the home of Katrina Brown in Dawson. “My mother was into arts and crafts,” said Ferguson. “That’s probably where I developed my love of crafting.”

Haley’s Motto: “Everyone loves a gift made from the heart.”

— Marla Ballard’s Who's Who appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday and weekend editions.

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