Summer is the best time to find swimming pool foam, “noodles,” as they are known. While these adult floaties are perfect for buoyancy, they can also be disguised as various useful household items.

Create a wrist rest to keep hands from tiring out when using a computer keyboard. Cut a piece of the pool noodle the length of the computer keyboard, next filet lengthwise to create a flat surface on one side and a curved hump on the other to serve as a wrist support.

Drawer organizers are great until they inch their way to the back of the drawer after it has been opened and closed several times. Use a piece of pool noodle to keep the organizer from crawling out of place. If the circumference of the noodle is too thick, simply cut it in half length wise and measure out the amount needed to wedge into place.

Create a fishing rod organizer. In addition to the pool noodle a 3-inch diameter PVC pipe will be needed. Drill a 1-inch hole every 4-inches into one side of the PVC pipe. Next, take a knife and cut slits into one side of the foam noodle. Make sure to space the slits the same distance apart as the holes in the PVC pipe. Then, attach the PVC pipe to a garage or shed wall about knee-height with holes facing the ceiling. Then, line up the pool noodle slits with the PVC holes. Place the noodle directly above, about chest-height, with the slits facing outward and attach the noodle to the wall.

The easiest way to affix a noodle to a wall is to cut two extra slits where the studs on the wall will meet the noodle. Pull the slits apart, slide in a fender washer and screw the noodle to the wall by using 2-inch screws. Next, place the handle of the fishing rod into the hole of the PVC pipe and use the slit in the pool noodle to hold the rod.

Keep trampoline springs from pinching fingers by covering them with pool noodles. To do this, cut noodles to the appropriate length and then place a slit on one side and slip it over onto the springs. An array of different colors creates a festive appearance.

Boots with floppy ankles that won’t stand at attention when placed in the closet can be kept upright with a pool noodle cut to the proper height and placed inside the boot.

Make pant hangers completely crease-free by covering the bottom part of the clothing hanger with a section of pool noodle.

Best price on purchasing noodles can be found at local dollar stores or at yard sales.

— Marla Ballard’s Master of Disguise appears each Tuesday.

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