New book releases ideal for decorating

Home décor should be a reflection of the homeowner's personality. While this statement is true, sometimes homeowners need a kick-start to get them going, this is where reading a book on the topic of decorating enters the picture.

Discovering, unveiling, and taking away the disguise from hidden tastes and talents comes about when books about styles, motifs, and interior decorating draws them out. Here are three new books entering the marketplace that are designed to inspire your “inner decorator.”

Best selling author Myquillyn Smith has a new book, “Welcome Home.” The book is a cozy minimalist guide to decorating and hosting all year round. She shows how each season doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. The book reveals how more style and less stuff can have anyone feeling at ease enough to offer their home for gatherings.

She shares tips on how to incorporate the beauty of the natural world through the five senses and what to focus on and what not to worry about as a confident hostess. Her book will be available in hardcover September 15 on Amazon.

August 18 welcomes the release of James T. Farmer’s book “Arriving Home.” His book shows how traditional southern style stands the test of time. He shares classic tastes melded with fresh approaches showing how high style and relaxed comfort can be displayed hand in hand.

Farmer shares how antiques can be mixed with new upholstery and how collections and art may be displayed against pattern and textured wall coverings. He shares homes from the city, the mountains, the country side and coastal regions all rooted in Southern design.

For those who have their style well in hand, but want some tips on accenting with house plants check out Danae Horst’s new book “Houseplants for All.” Whether a homeowner lives in a location obstructed from natural light or a tropical oasis the book reveals how to keep plants happy and healthy.

The book is designed to allow readers to take a plant profile quiz to easily find their perfect plant match instead of picking up whatever catches the eye at the store and then hoping it will survive the lifestyle awaiting it. The book is designed to help anyone master plant care even if all they have ever owned was a fake Ficus. This book became available August 11.

Check out “new releases in home decorating” to find the perfect book for your lifestyle and library.

— Marla Ballard’s Master of Disguise appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday editions.

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