Peddlers, Inc. opened just under a month ago in Fort Payne at 1303 Gault Ave. N., however the business is not brand new to the area. The business was previously located in Valley Head for nearly four years.

Julia Capps and Linda Raughton are the owners and have been friends for 30 years and business partners for nearly half a decade.

One of the things that keeps this duo’s friendship going is their love of shopping for home décor. Capps said having the store in Valley Head for those years helped them get their feet wet as to what people in the area like to purchase for their homes.

“We loved our little store in Valley Head,” said Capps. “It was a cute little stone cottage, but the problem was it was two stories and moving furniture up and down stairs was just becoming to much to deal with.”

The Valley Head location is now closed and the new one story location is in the old Rite Aid Pharmacy building, which changed pharmacy names a few times in recent years.

The duo collects both antiques and unique home décor finds. Both women love to scour an estate sale. “It doesn’t matter if the piece is not in mint condition,” said Capps. “We love to fix things up for resale. We will paint, stain, or repair whatever the piece needs to make it appealing. We see it as we are keeping our landfill from filling up with people’s old furniture.”

Capps described their store as somewhere between a thrift store and an antique store, due to the fact that their store offers a wide variety of affordable merchandise and some very time-honored, unique antiques.

While the store does not offer online shopping they will allow customers to call ahead and ask about items in the store and they will put an item aside momentarily to allow the customer time to arrive to make the purchase. They also offer layaway.

The ladies want to thank the public for their support and encouragement. “Everyone has been so nice and encouraging,” said Capps.

Raughton is a Fort Payne resident and Capps resides in Mentone. Capps is a retired real estate agent and Raughton a school teacher. Both ladies love the area and the people and want customers to know they are wearing masks during the pandemic to help protect their customers.

Business hours are Wednesday - Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Phone: 256-674-1117.

— Marla Ballard’s Spotlight on Business appears in the Times-Journal weekend edition.

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