2020 trend is two-tone walls

Say goodbye to the accent wall and hello to the two-tone wall. The single painted accent wall gained popularity as an easy way to deliver a pop of color to any room. Now, 2020 is offering up a new trend.

Painting one wall with two complimentary colors creates instant contrast, adds dimension, and produces the disguise of an architectural detail. It can actually fashion the illusion of trim work where there is none.

The two-tone trend isn’t about dividing a wall into exact halves, it’s about using what the room already has in it to offer a guide. Choose a door frame, mantel or bookcase as a dividing marker to achieve an orderly look. Wrap one color around the room at the height you choose.

Some experts suggest 12 to 20 inches below the ceiling as the place to change color. A truly bold statement would be to paint the ceiling the same color as the upper portion, doing so generates a feeling of more space.

Another way to use the two-tone effect is to emphasize a particular architectural feature in a room. For example, just paint the nook in the room a contrasting color.

Bold colors are the 2020 trend, but to keep from overwhelming a space choose a lighter or more neutral color to accompany the vivid hue. For example, bright blue painted up to chair rail height and then paint a neutral shade up to the ceiling, this technique crafts the illusion of wainscoting.

The secret to keeping the two-tone treatment cohesive is to stick to one paint sheen for both colors.

This idea also works well when a room simply needs a fresh coat of paint due to smudges and years of wear. Keep the existing color the same from eye level upward and repaint the lower area a complimentary contrasting color. The room will have a new look, fit in with the 2020 trend and the project won‘t take nearly as long as repainting the entire surface.

Painter’s tape allows for horizontal and diagonal lines and other artistic patterns. Decorating is only limited by one’s imagination. For ideas and inspiration go online under two-tone walls.

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