Couple proves that opposites do attract

Pictured, above, is a photo of Justin and Heather Christman taken at the Grand Canyon.

Justin and Heather Christman come from different backgrounds but have blended well together in their marriage of 12 years. Justin is from Denver, Colorado and Heather is from Rainsville. The Christmans have two children, Everett, who is nine, and Parker, who is six.

Heather is in her fifteenth year as a school teacher and Justin owns and operates Roadside ‘Que Restaurant in Fort Payne. Both share a love for music, good food and an adventurous spirit.

Together they have amassed a collection of vinyl records numbering close to 500. Many of these vintage treasures came from a dear aunt who has since passed away.

“I remember laying on her living room floor with all of my cousins and listening to her music play on the record player. It means so much to me to have this music with me to this day,” Heather said.

Justin is all about music.

“When the Allman Brothers came to Denver, they sold out quickly on concert tickets and so I got together a big order of food from the restaurant I worked at and went to the backdoor of the concert hoping to be let in to hear the concert,” Justin said. “It worked. They took the food after much fast talking on my end and I not only got to hear the concert, but I also got to meet the band and hang out with them.”

After Justin pulled this trick a few more times at different concerts, the word got out about him and his food and he started getting calls from the bands that came to town and he was able to feed and meet many different bands including the Grateful Dead and Gov’t Mule.

Justin’s adventurous spirit also included building a snow cave when he was 19. Justin and a friend spent two days in a snow cave they built at 11,000 feet in Guanella Pass in Colorado.

“It snowed three feet that night and we had to dig our way out, but it was great,” Justin said. “When we came out of our snow cave we saw a helicopter rescuing people nearby who only had a tent and it was shredded by the night’s storm, but we were fine in our snow cave.”

Justin said Heather is just as adventurous.

“When I met Heather I wasn’t sure if this Alabama girl could keep up with me, but she has surprised me,” he said. “She hiked with me to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 110-degree-weather and spent the night in a tent, just to mention one of our adventures.”

To read more about their love of music and craft beers see Spotlight on Business in the weekend’s edition.

— Marla Ballard’s Who’s Who appears in the Times-Journal weekday editions.

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