Young entrepreneur turns her 'she shed' into an office

Pictured is Annlyle Johnson, at her work desk in her craft room.

Annlyle Johnson has plans to get a degree in interior design, but for now, she is kick starting her own arts and crafts business. Johnson makes handmade creations and calls her business The Vintage Sunflower, named after her favorite bloom.

Johnson has a true “she shed” where she artfully designs various types of crafts.

“I think I inherited the arts and crafts bug from my mother and grandmother,” Johnson said. “When I was growing up, that is just what we did as a family. Years ago, grandma owned a craft store in Fort Payne, called Pat’s Craft Shop.”

She does not limit her craft to just one category. She makes homemade soaps, hair scrunches, painted signage and earrings.

Handmade soaps

Her soaps come in aromas that include orange, peppermint and lavender and have a little bee imprinted on them.

She makes her soaps from shea butter, or goats milk, and she puts in a touch of essential oil to create the fragrance.

Painted signs

The signs she paints start off with a piece of old barn wood and she paints different seasonal scenes such as pumpkins and candy corn. She can include a family name when someone places an order.


The earrings she makes are made of clay, baked, sanded and then painted. Her hair scrunches, which come in a variety of colors and themes, can be found at Moon Lake Trading Company in Mentone. She is currently looking for more stores to sell her wares.

“I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest,” Johnson said. “I also crochet, but have not started selling those items yet.”

Johnson said her “she shed” is a work in progress and she finds tables and cabinetry at yard sales to make it into the workshop space she needs to mass produce her products.

The “she shed” is her office where she and the family pet can be found most days.

Her mother and father are supportive of her work. Her mother, Tracy, works at the Fort Payne Recreation Center and her father, Billy, works for the City of Fort Payne.

The Vintage Sunflower can be found on Instagram: thevintagesunflower and on Facebook at The Vintage Sunflower. You can also call 256-996-4257 to get in touch with Johnson.

Annlyle’s Motto: “Anything is possible.”

— Marla Ballard’s Who’s Who appears in the Times-Journal weekday editions.

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