The front door gives the first impression visitors have about a homeowner. Novelty doorknobs, doorknockers, and doormats can make a good impression when given some thought.

It is not unusual to see interesting doorknobs or handles on a restaurant door, take for example sports bars that disguise a baseball bat as a door handle. Homes that feature a running theme or people with unique ideas, interests, talents or nicknames might consider purchasing a doorknob that is a conversation piece.

Many websites feature attention-grabbing doorknobs and door handles, for example there is a doorknob that looks like the handle of a gasoline pump. There is also one that resembles a hand reaching out to be shaken, other uncommon knobs include a world globe, a light bulb, and abstract art pieces.

Door handle choices that can be found online encompass boat oars, enlarged eating utensils, small replicas of guitars, and nautical emblems just to name a few of the seemingly endless designs available.

Uncommon doorknockers include a cat head with a mouse dangling from its mouth by its tail, the mouse swings back and forth to knock on the door. A hand-sized, iron cowboy boot with the toe facing the door, the boot swings so that the toe kicks the door. Animal lovers can find their favorite animal as nearly every animal has been replicated, even insect lovers will not be at a loss.

Doormats also come in hundreds of choices. Humorous doormats will have guests chuckling before the door is answered. For instance, sells a mat that reads, “THIS IS NOT A JOKE. If you ever want to see these people again bring me a five pound rib roast in a plain brown bag.” - signed The Dog. sells a mat that looks like a manhole cover. They also sell a doormat that reads, “Don’t forget your keys, wallet and phone,” now that is a “welcomed” mat.

The market also offers an array of uncommon door stoppers which include what looks like a tube of artists paint being squeezed with black paint oozing out, an upside down ice cream cone melting onto the floor, a wedge of Swiss cheese and many more uncommon door stopper designs.

— Marla Ballard’s Master of Disguise

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