Hidden talent discovered late in life

Pictured is Smith standing in his garden of sculptures.

Tim Smith worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority as a pipefitter for many years before early retirement at age 55 due to rheumatoid arthritis.

“Employers don’t want somebody on the job that can’t keep up the pace and could be a danger to themselves or others due to physical limitations,” Smith said. “I was really upset when I could not go to work every day, it was all I knew.”

Thankfully, back in 2002, Smith had picked up the hobby of taking scrap metal and turning it into iron sculptures. Little did he know at the time, the hobby would serve to help him get through a rough time of his life both mentally and physically.

“When I’m sculpting, I can take my time and rest when I need to, but it is really good for someone with my disease to keep active,” he said.

Smith started out making small welded metal figures that he calls his “critters.”

His smaller creations include insects and other animals.

As time went on, his sculptures became larger and larger, reaching up to 8 feet in height and going way beyond critter phase.

He places these sculptures all over his rural property on Lookout Mountain, which covers several acres. Passersby commonly stop and asked to purchase his unique works of art.

For more information on how to contact Tim Smith, and to see more photos of his unique talent, look for the August edition of the DeKalb Living magazine. DeKalb Living is sold at the Times-Journal, The Wishing Well, Traci’s and Vintage 1889. A free copy is also included each month with a subscription to the Times-Journal.

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