Spider savvy solutions

It is commonly said that spiders are never more than 10 feet away from us. This makes spiders masters at disguising their presence. Whether we like it or not, we share our homes with these eight-legged arachnids. Occasionally, they make themselves known and send the homes occupants running. There are ways to get rid of these unwelcome guests without spraying harsh chemicals that are dangerous to humans and pets.

Dark, tight spots are where most spiders prefer to live. Glue boards are perfect for sliding up under dressers, nightstands, and other furnishings that are difficult to clean under.

Surprisingly, chestnuts are a remedy for spiders. Place these along the baseboards of the home and along the window sills to prevent spiders from coming in. One of the best things about chestnuts is that they do not go bad quickly, so they provide long-term spiders deterrents.

Spiders are also repulsed by vinegar. A mixture of water and vinegar can be sprayed around door and window frames, inside and out, as a repellent.

Eucalyptus oil is one more way to drive spiders away from the home. It doesn’t kill them, but they will avoid it. Apply a few drops to cotton balls and leave them in the corners, cracks, windows, and other areas of the home where spiders have been seen. Mixing the oil with water and placing it in a spray bottle also works well. A bonus– eucalyptus oil is also a natural remedy for repelling snakes and mosquitoes.

Spiders in the bed is a daunting thought. Cleaning the bedding often helps eliminate things that attract spiders, such as oils, hair and skin cells. Also, avoid clutter under the bed since shoes and boxes make great homes for spiders.

Another way to keep them away from the bed is to spray the bed linens with essential oils. Certain fragrances such as orange, mint, lemon and lavender are natural repellents to spiders.

Avoid eating in bed. This eliminates the possibility of providing crumbs for them to feast on.

Spiders and other bugs thrive in a humid environment. So investing in a dehumidifier might be just the deterrent needed in a damp house.

Lastly, remove cobwebs, especially on ceiling fans. Spiders can be slung off of a revolving fan.

— Marla Ballard’s Master of Disguise appears each Tuesday.

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