Many people own a vacation home that resides in their own back yard–their camper. Campers certainly are not what they once were, which is why camping is now referred to as “glamping” because it disguises what was once called “roughing it” into a vacation home on wheels with all the amenities of a home.

Trade shows such as RVX, feature the latest technology and industrial changes to make camping more enjoyable, especially for those with limited mobility. Electric jack stands, awnings, and hitch stabilizers are just some of the gadgetry that leaves owners less stressed while enjoying their home away from home.

The 2019 spring RVX tradeshow in Utah featured air jacks, an RV leveling system, which allows for a seven-inch ride height adjustment. This permits the RV owner to lower a camper down at least one full step level closer to the ground when parked.

This new component for RVs also allows toy-haulers to minimize the ramp angle by raising one end while lowering the opposite end with the ramp. The air jacks eliminate hydraulic lifts which are messy when they leak and are commonly on the higher end of the warranty issues. An on-board air tank makes this possible which enables the operation of an air compressor for power tools, inflating tires, and blowing out the lines when it is time to winterize the RV.

From recliners to theater seating, today’s recreational vehicles offer it all. Many theater seats come with heat and massage installed for spa-like treatment. Built-in cup holders and hidden storage offers a place to house the remote control and a few packaged snacks.

Refrigerators are now being installed with more cubic space allowing large families to shop only once per week while on the road. Shoppers who want the option of having the refrigerator operate off both electric, battery, and gas need to look closely to see if this option is available.

The doors on the campers used to have built-in flaps that would capture the door to keep it from flopping around in the wind when the camper is parked. Now the doors come with a hinge system that prevents this problem.

Some camper dealerships take their customers around in a golf cart to view their merchandise on acre after acre of product. Others offer a fleet of golf carts for the consumer to use at their shopping leisure. Online research is crucial to choosing the right dealership and the right RV.

— Marla Ballard’s Master of Disguise appears each Thursday.

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