Keeping the family business going

Rainsville Janitorial was voted Times-Journal Best of DeKalb 2019. Pictured, above, is Joshua "Josh" Jolley standing by his business vehicle.

Rainsville Janitorial is operated by Joshua "Josh" Jolley. The business was founded by Jolley’s step-father, Wayne Prevatt and is currently owned by Jolley’s mother, Vivan Prevatt. Rainsville Janitorial has served the DeKalb area for over 27 years. Their motto is: “We work hard so you don’t have to.”

Services they offer include carpet and tile floor cleaning and first floor window washing. The business is insured and covers all of DeKalb County and the surrounding counties. “We service customers as far as Huntsville,” said Jolley.

Rainsville Janitorial charges by the square footage of the space to be cleaned. When offices need their floors cleaned the janitorial service will move the furniture for a fee if needed.

“We cover the furniture and walls to avoid the damage that can occur from stripping a tile floor,” said Jolley. “A side-to-side scrub machine slings dirty wax while it is being used and it doesn’t make sense to clean the floors and create a mess on the walls while doing it.” The business can provide references and is insured.

Jolley, age 37, said although he is relatively young he tries to maintain the work ethic of the era gone by, “the customer is always right.” Jolley went to Fort Payne High School, while he was taking courses at Northeast Community College to be a machinist his step-father passed-away and in 2017 Jolley stepped in to help his mother by operating the family business.

Rainsville Janitorial can be found on Facebook or contacted at 256-630-5423. Located at 3024 10th St. S, Rainsville.

— Marla Ballard’s Spotlight on Business appears each Saturday.

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