Kevin Salter has been a school bus driver for the city of Fort Payne for eight years. He was recently awarded “Driver of the Year” partly due to the fact that he has never taken a sick day since he became employed. In fact, he has shared his sick days with fellow workers who have undergone surgery and needed more sick days than they had built-up.

“A great perk of being a school bus driver is that you can work a part-time job and still get health insurance,” said Salter.

Most school bus drivers have an additional day job unless they are retired. Salter has also worked, for three years, as a driver for Builder’s Supply Company in Fort Payne. He hauls gravel from a quarry for the company.

When Salter is not working he likes to spend time with his friends. He has a friend who moved to Japan and when he heard his friend was coming back to the States for a visit he designed and built a temporary “Escape Room” in a another friends party-barn.

“I built temporary walls dividing the party-barn into two parts. Read up on how to create an Escape Room and invited about 100 people to the party,” said Salter. “We divided people up into small groups and I created a theme for a story to get them started. It was a lot of fun.”

Salter likes trying new things. “I went snow boarding in Colorado and I’ve been deep-sea fishing, I’m saving up to take a cruise to some place tropical,” said Salter. “I recently started listening to audio books, even when I try something new and discover I don’t like it I’m still glad I tried it.”

February of last year Salter purchased his first house and he and his father took several months to remodel the fixer-upper. “We had to take it down to the bare-bones, but it turned out good.” said Salter.

Salter wants to remind everyone to stay alert when driving near a school bus. “I see people constantly who do not respect the signal lights to stop when children are getting on or off the bus,” said Salter. “It would be disastrous to both the family of the child who is injured and the person and their family who caused the injury. People need to pay attention to the road and not their phones while driving.”

Kevin’s Motto: “Think before you act.”

— Marla Ballard’s Who’s Who appears each Tuesday.

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