Tech-savvy at age 50

Pictured, above, is Cheryl Goodnight, a Verizon Wireless sales representative in Fort Payne.

Cheryl Goodnight can be found most days working at the Fort Payne Verizon Wireless location as a sales rep. What makes her unique at what she does is her age. At fifty years old she is more tech-savvy than most of her peers.

Goodnight began working at Verizon in 2000 with a brief three-year respite to help out with her aunt’s business. She returned to Verizon three years ago.

“Verizon has been good to me,” she said. “I won a trip to Switzerland for a week vacation and it was the biggest trip I’ve ever taken. It was a 14-hour flight. I would do it again, I really enjoyed it.”

Even after all these years as a tech support/advisor she says she still learns something new every week about technology.

“It is amazing how there is an app for everything,” Goodnight said. “We can check our homes, look inside our refrigerators, program our televisions, and check emails all from our phones.” She also enjoys FaceTime and RealTime on Facebook.

While people are impressed with her ability with the smart phone, she is impressed with her customers who are in their 80s who love their smart phones. She said she loves it when she can help someone change from a flip-phone and enter the 21st century with a smart phone.

Goodnight said she was glad she could help out through working for Verizon when the 2011 tornadoes hit the area.

“We got a truck with a generator, at the office, the day after the tornadoes and people could come in and charge their phones. No one in the area had electricity to let loved ones know they were OK.” Goodnight lost two family members in the storms. She says she focuses on the good memories she holds in her heart.

Goodnight is a graduate of Sylvania High School.

“Growing up, my mother was a beautician, and you know what they say about beauty parlors. Mom didn’t need Facebook to find out what me and my sister were up to,” she said. “Someone always showed up at the beauty shop and told on us.”

When she isn’t working she loves spending time with her two daughters, who are 15 years apart in age. She loves boating and spending time in her pool with her family.

Cheryl’s Motto: “Move with the times or be left behind.”

— Marla Ballard’s Who’s Who appears in the Times-Journal week day editions.

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