Handyman’s hammer stays busy

Pictured is Jerrod Jones of Jones Handyman Service.

Jerrod Jones owns his own business, appropriately named Jones Handyman Service. He officially started his business in 2014, but has been doing carpentry work since he was age 12. “A neighbor, who did carpentry work, offered to take me to work with him. I liked it, and that’s how I became a carpenter,” said Jones.

Jones has never had to advertise; word of mouth keeps him busy. What keeps him in business is the quality of his work. “I don’t cut corners or waste people’s money,” said Jones. “I keep my work area tidy, and my customers appreciate that.”

“Another thing customers like are my suggestions about a project. I can turn dead space into usable space.”

Jones can generally come up with more than one suggestion for how a space might be utilized if the customer is at a loss for how they want to remodel.

His mastering carpentry led him to making furniture, swing beds, and turning outdoor patios into year-round sunrooms. “I’m not an electrician or a plumber, but I can source out the work for the customer,” said Jones.

Residential customers are not the only ones to take notice of his skill. He has also been hired by a major food chain for his handyman skills. “My work is mostly carpentry based,” said Jones. “I do trim work, drywall, flooring, and painting.”

Jones graduated from Fort Payne High School where he played football and wrestled. These days he stays fit by white water canoing and working out at Foster’s Training Facility. “I basically either have a hammer in my hand or a paddle,” said Jones.

Contact Jerrod Jones at 615-507-9428.

— Marla Ballard’s Spotlight on Business appears each Saturday.

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