Small town appeals to local businessman

Chad Williams, also known as ‘Mr. 4 Percent.’

Chad William’s Realtor signs can be seen all over northeast Alabama. Williams is referred to as Mr. 4 Percent, but what he really wants to be known for are his work ethics.

“It’s important to be known for your integrity when you own a business, especially in a small town,” said Williams.

The Williams name is familiar throughout the region, partly due to Ed Williams Wrecker Service trucks. Ed is Chad’s father.

“I got my work ethic from my parents. Dad has ran his own wrecker service for 30 years. I learned how to be a business owner from his example,” said Williams. “My parents taught me, ‘You’ll never be disappointed by working hard.’”

Chad said at age 35 he has learned some valuable life lessons such as, “Don’t expect your life to just be handed to you.”

Williams got his Realtor’s license in 2005, became a broker in 2007 and started his own business in 2017.

“My favorite part of being a Realtor is the connections I make with people and helping them with one of life’s major decisions,” said Williams. “I also like the camaraderie between all of the agents in the area.”

Williams is a graduate of Fort Payne High School, where he was best known for his achievements in wrestling. These days his “down-time” finds him enjoying hanging out with friends, although as Williams says, “The life of a Realtor has them on call most of the time.”

What keeps Williams in Fort Payne, in addition to family ties, is his love for the quieter life a small city offers and the location which affords easy access to metropolises.

“I love to visit larger cities, but then I like to come back to ‘small-town USA’ where it is peaceful and people are more connected to each other,” said Williams. “I like that everywhere I go, I know someone, whether it’s Walmart or a local restaurant.”

He advises others who plan to start up their own business to think about the importance of personal branding in their business to get them noticed.

He says, “The harder you work, the luckier you’ll be.” Williams can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Chad’s Motto: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” - Wayne Gretzky

— Marla Ballard’s Who’s Who appears in the Times-Journal Thursday editions.

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