Janie Hale set out on a journey that took her to a place many people want to go, her journey took her back to good health. Hale lost over 100 pounds and has acquired a way of living that makes life more enjoyable.

Hale felt that stress contributed to her weight gain.

“The everyday stress of raising a family and working outside the home as well has many mothers not putting their needs at the top of the list,” said Hale. “It is a balancing act to take of yourself and your family.

Hale’s journey began when she inherited her grandfather’s dog. The dog needed to be taken out for its daily walks and before she knew it she and the dog were walking five miles a day. All of this walking produced a 50 pound weight loss which made her feel better, so she decided to up her game and join the Wills Valley Recreation Center and start taking fitness classes.

Her regimen started out with a dance class called D-2-Fit and she also started lifting weights. Next, she added Yoga class and she also joined Foster’s Training Facility. Hale works out six to seven days each week for at least one hour and sometimes up to two hours.

“You have to find an exercise program you enjoy or you won’t stick with it,” said Hale. There were certain types of exercise classes that I did not enjoy and so I just stuck with what I liked.”

Hale said it is important to find fitness classes that allow you to relieve anxiety and create a feeling of calm when trying to regain a healthy life style.

In addition to exercise, she began paying close attention to portion size.

“I never said I was on a diet,” said Hale. “Diet is a four-letter word I didn’t want to use. I am just more mindful of what I eat and the portions I eat.”

Hale said she started eating what is referred to by many health experts as “clean eating.” She said she reads labels and looks for products that have very few ingredients and words on the label that she can pronounce.

“It is also important to surround yourself with people who are supportive of your weight loss goals,” said Hale. “A gym family in addition to your biological family can be helpful in reaching the level of health you desire.”

The process has taken her approximately 30 months so far, and she has a goal of losing another 20 to 30 pounds.

Janie’s Motto: “Pain is not permanent and rewards do not come without effort and sacrifice.”

— Marla Ballard’s Who's Who appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday editions.

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