In all honesty, being stuck at home is not the worst thing that could happen. Maybe by the time the pandemic is under control, there won’t be an unorganized closet, junk drawer or cluttered garage to be found. Maybe every household project we were going to “get to one day” will have been gotten to.

Maybe all this time at home will give families a regular opportunity to sit down at the dinner table together for a meal.

Maybe parents will find more time to teach their children how to do things instead of doing it for them.

Maybe we will slow down and read books that enrich our lives and find solace in a slower pace.

Maybe this slower pace will allow us to find the time to reconnect with someone we lost touch with. Why not reach out to a family member or an old friend by phone and catch-up and reestablish a bond that once existed.

A hectic life is usually what we blame for not accomplishing so many things in life. Some of us are being forced to return to a simpler time when moms made dinner and the entire family sat around the table together.

There’s nothing wrong with kids taking group sports, dance class, and music lessons, but maybe we didn’t realize just how little time we actually spent together as a family until all of that got closed down.

Maybe playing a board game or cards as a family will enrich family relationships.

Maybe if mom and dad take more time to talk to their children, we will come out of this as closer families with bonds that will last on into the child’s adulthood.

Maybe if children are not in their room on their device the entire quarantine and parents teach them cooking lessons, home and automobile repair, time will go by faster and a parent/child relationship will emerge that never was there before.

Maybe, just maybe we’ll all look back and see that the worst time in modern history wore a little bit of a disguise, that families actually grew closer together.

Be safe, stay home.

— Marla Ballard’s Master of Disguise appears in the Times-Journal Tuesday editions.

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