The Swimming Pool Rescue Squad van is a common sight in the area. The swimming pool cleaning service and is owned and operated by Tracey Auter. He has been in business for over eight years and steadily grown his business from part-time work into a full-time operation.

While a pool is a wonderful addition to a home, it does require consistent attention and many homeowners find it challenging to schedule it into their weekly routines.

The skimmer basket needs checking, the pH balance needs regulating, the walls of the pool need brushing and the pool needs vacuuming, the filter needs backwashing and chemicals need to be added as needed, and at times the pool needs what is called shock treatment.

Auter has done pool care in more than one state and knows that the locality and the type of weather in the locality plays a huge role of how a pool is maintained. “The treatments all depend on the bather load and the weather,” said Auter. “You want the pH level to be between 7.4 and 7.6 and acid rain and other factors can make keeping it at this level a challenge.”

While chlorine tablets are the predominant traditional method used, Auter said salt water generated chlorine pools offer the best consistent pH levels.

Auter said he services 60,000 gallon in-ground pools, above ground pools and everything in between as well. Prices vary depending on the size of the pool and how many times per week the pool owner wants the pool serviced.

Average cost is between $250 to $350 monthly plus the cost of chemicals. Chemicals may be purchased by either the homeowner or the pool service, but are kept on the homeowner’s property for use by both Auter’s service and the homeowner when needed.

Additional services offered by Swimming Pool Rescue Squad include pump and filter repair work, electrical and plumbing repairs, patching holes in liners and restoring green and cloudy pools.

When it comes time to close a pool for winter the Swimming Pool Rescue Squad is ready to assist.

Auter has future plans for adding pool installations into his business. For more information or to schedule an estimate call 256-619-1114.

— Marla Ballard’s Spotlight on Business appears in the Times-Journal weekend edition.

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