Wills Valley Recreation Center offers a large variety of fitness opportunities to its members. The staff at the facility are all equally trained and certified to teach multiple types of exercise classes to accommodate the diverse needs of individuals. Fitness classes are supervised by Liz Hall.

Hall has worked at the “Rec Center,” as it is known, since the doors opened in September of 1998. Hall has worked in the fitness industry since 1981.

“All nine of the instructors here at the Rec Center are AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) certified,” said Hall.

AFFA’s Group Fitness Instructor Program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, the leading accreditor of certification courses in the fitness industry.

“I think having such a large variety of fitness instructors is good for our members,” said Hall. “Each instructor brings their own style to their class, but each instructor is also on the same page about meeting the needs of the persons taking the class. We modify to fit their needs, so if a certain position or posture is not attainable for a member we show them another position or exercise they can do to make it attainable for them.”

Hall said if a member needs a chair to sit in while exercising they will accommodate the individual needs of each guest.

Hall teaches a step-class she calls 3-on-3, where three minutes are spent using the stair-step, then three minutes of working out the arms, going back-and-forth for a complete muscle workout. The kickboxing class that Hall teaches also incorporates self-defensive movements. Hall also enjoys teaching the “Mad Dogg Spin Class.

“All of our classes have music to motivate and make the classes fun,” said Hall. Another class she likes to teach is the balance ball and bar class which focuses on core strength.

The second level of the building hosts a weight room with both weight machines and free weights. Another area on the second floor has cardio machines and a walking/running indoor track. Some classes institute group lessons to include these features of the facility to familiarize members with the different ways to achieve both cardio and muscle fitness.

“I think everyone should take at least one hour each day for themselves,” said Hall. “Take an hour to have fun and get fit.”

Follow along each weekend as following Spotlight on Business articles feature each teacher and the different types of classes offered at the Wills Valley Recreation Center.

— Marla Ballard’s Spotlight on Business appears in the Times-Journal weekend edition.

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